This your best doorway to learn about why the world has so many problems.

The California government will not be forgiven for what they have turned the latter part of this state into. Lets move on to Reno Nevada they are currently going through a bad fix. I have been to allot of places in California . I also have been to North Carolina and New York city . This was interesting for me. I wish infermery to any of the people that are doing me harm . No hate and no Harm . When i was a little kid maybe around 5 I traveled with my grandmother out of town and did allot of fun things. I have to take a moment too say rip too her but let her remain in heaven and don’t try to knock her down to HELL????The way it was back then is not very much from the point of destruction I know now. The whole valley I am from has a false lien on it they are insolvent. The surrounding counties have been losing court days while trying to shave settlements too. The music is horrible (I have to keep listeners going). Relax artists i know that maybe you have been dissed here And all i will prove is that i listen to too much damn Tupac. I am going to record soon and this is the spinning and daily music to live with. For the government thinking podesta No there is a direct ignorant loss of philosophy in Modesto. They have more about it on wiki leaks which is okay but wikipedia will not be acceptable to grow anymore © 198? 2017 Gregory Lamaur Cheatham . Yes i have a say in computer development and a very strong sense of the constitutional law. I HAVE NEVER SNORTED COCAINE BAD MAN . IT HAS ALSO BEEN OVER 3 YEARS SINCE I SMOKED A JOINT . HARD dRUGS OF ANY KIND DO NOT EXIST IN MY LIFE designer extacy is not a HARD drug . To bring up this debate what drugs are HARD and what drugs are not HARD the answer needs to be published publicly so the United States cannot associate and admit there is a difference. I plan to have a loving family with a WIFE (filing) and more so we will have more blog writing and reading viewers. Does the police have me in a list of BAD GUYS well don’t because it has been over 10 years since I was running hard rock.
Good luck too the drunk players that are going to the SB game. I have no choice for a winner , the Falcons are not where or from my liked state and I beat the QB of New England at a contest a couple of years ago when he got caught cheating in the SB all this started from my group of friends . The daily blogging i have not been doing is going to be fun when I am ready to continue. Good things will happen when i bring my thoughts on wordpress.


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