Hey America why is it failing??

Because to much espionage that leaked in and greed from dirty Feds . You have crooked Feds taking money from foreign cults that simply have the ability to steal it with 187’s. So your an officer but what they call it is the money man a fall guy in other words that will take the money. These crooked feds also have threatened the court with strike and this means the United states will probably be normal. Like hey there is killing anyway. Now i also have been being entrapped by the feds they have to be sitting around me a little bit too fucking much watching how i live.  Like i be in the cut hacking some new developments and here they come in plain clothes spying on me hahaha they don’t even get no arrest because i always clean my tracks and if they had one my cache is clean hahahha.

The feds are dirty and espionage is high dont be coming to the Usa trying to steal from me and paying the nigger feds money to watch me for no reason then telling white niggers to do it also because i been locked up niger honkees. snitch rats


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