The official numbers as of yet.

If you cannot stop wondering how many damn mixed albums has GEZE media brought in the world of street selling/performance?

Well, my Reno Nv. travels and stays have amounded me a bunch of fans and thank you! Okay Reno edition volume 5 sold 2180 computer compact discs…and the NEW retro eatn the scene 1 Reno edition 2 has amounded 1500 sales so far…….

Also i did 700 on the side in Reno of a single and an instrumental (2 tracks only)…..

So approaching 5000 total GEZE media has to continue this brut force attack on weak ass rappers in Reno Nv…….

I also enforce my heir of copyright to all. This means this should be in your top 8 rap computer compact discs. So good buy gals and niggaz!!!

bye GEZE


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