Understanding rdarw

Dont forget that being the in the top 25 hackers in the world is stressful….

  1. anon has a mask and a vox I DO TOO!
  2. Lulz sec has been arrested I HAVE TOO (for credit cards and checks, NOT MINE) bad!!
  3. Oracle is a great communicor I HAVE MET ORACLE HERSELF!!!!
  4. aol is a basis to find any hacker @aol.com  I KEEP AOL!!!
  5. I dont need activation windows I OWN SOME!!!!!
  6. I always brought juice, LIKE STARBUCKS NOW TURNS IN UPLOADS TO AN PI IN L A!!!
  7. Dont hack if you dont understand the copyright© to computers you HAVE TO LIKE ME!!!!
  8. Elite knows dont use your power without TRUE POWERS!!!!
  9. CREAL????? what are you proxing?????
  11. more too come…………..

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