The term is scapegoating that the cia and Obama is pushing upon me, this is a diffinite walk to going to hell.

Lately the phone i have is being tapped by barack obama which is a male jurisprudence and the number is 2096177294 so dont call me. i dont sale cocaine or methamphedimine or weed

yesterday i did sale 1 5 bag though lol but no more

The strong 3 strikes to obamas mistakes how can he deny what happened in stewart with Ab /SWp??? are you stupid fool cant you see ????/

stop scapegoating my with my sister She has to do what her BIG BROTHER says if not then america ethics are wrong and I know them to be agreed to my voice!!!!!


3 strikes dont say you didnt go to the south and libel the west coast and promise to give them more music connected to you!!!!! I am from the west coast and you are DEeeAd nigger


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