Do not spin or put any of my music on your radio stations or else.

I know that in Washington DC or somewhere around it I could have been on a radio and the proof and witness’ I know will be found so on the date of nov 3 at 12 thirty am which is a very tricky and illegal time anyway to play any of my songs it would be very true to put this radio station out of business along with the stinking bitch that thinks she has more ownership of my material than me you wanna know what happens to thieves out of state most of them end up with a hole in their head and this goes to anybody even the politicians and judges that want to try and slander me by doing this. I hate you and the city in which you steal out of . I want the American public to realize that a ceased and deceased to Washington DC radio is now here and if the demand gets ignored the next step Is to sue Washington itself. Before I stop blogging I am not signed and this is one major issue either way happening in Ca right now! Before your capitol city ends up a faliure I would not take the bullshit bitches stupid ass act it will hurt Washington DC in the long run with my ceased and deceased being talked about on TV and video as well as the radio news stations. The government wants to play in hiphop well the hiphop artists dont usually take a fucking wacked out bitch that is some judge to use to get known. I am not stupidbitch i know you are stealing my music and the proof will be found after this with a investigator and then the revenge will be on your court. If the witness’ cant be found then the bitch didnt really spin my music and the bul dugger rat can go back to her shaky little peice of shit seat in court and mind her own business and this will be deleted dirt broke rat


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