Is your nervousness a problem ?

We all know that scams are apart of being on earth. When someone tries to steal from another person, this is the problem that a victim of a scam has to go through. The major motis of operendi of a scam artist is that they have to get the prize of theft. This opens the scam to continue. If a person says I want to ruin the future career of there competition and use treason and libel, the victim will go through so much hardship because of this . The next is the retaliation ,this is done because it is aggrevated . Now if this scam is brought in to the Holice, then the scam artist will be locked up. But I would also file civil suit. bla bla blah dont keep trying to talk about what i can make a computer run better. This talk is too steal this fame I will grow and eventually even the computer itself. The proof is the first too much talking over my work including pictures music and video then it will lead to a false state of being that this scam artist has more right than me with a computer when second i know I have more right than you in court. Third if this all together gets done this is scam. The scam artist has just stolen your hard work on computers along with the fame and money I was going to make .

If you had no label nigger and you were going through business ups and downs then you got lucky when the true underground responded to a song that you baited me in with this is also a scam.

scam first, then get to steal, get caught by a took, get sued next then get to make the money back, and then see if you can be wealthy on real paper not this exaggerated a dollar is a hundred scam.

Now there is history of scams in music causing allot of bankruptcy in example tower records went bankrupt from scam.

this is too lil wayne as a ceased and deceased .


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