This is the next look into computer future.

aiff.formToo many people forget that aiff is how your favorite artist records in the room or garage then takes the song or jingle into a studio and fixes it to be played on the radio . The next thing you know your listening to the song 1000 times whn you would have only listened to it 5 or 6 times because of the levels or median it came from. computers take any form of sound file and put it into aiff and this lets the big boards make the levels way better like the highs, the part of the song that gets the most attention . This could be high voice notes or guitar. The bass the part of the song that says this bass is too much it goes to loud befor the highs start. The aiff is the saviour for most artists and it still costs money or sex to fix but at least when its done a d j can put it on in a club. Now the future of computers is too keep the aiff for all musicians to use and not try to make an illegal overhead for using the aiff and i have seen this happen. I seen a few things with programs trying to make money for and on peoples work some how.

good afternoon


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