There is too much misleading things when there comes to government systems.

You cant stop extorting someone if you start until the system does something to the person that is doing it. the person that is sitting on family wealth is not going to be easy to get killed or be broke, so the temporarily chosen politician is trying to make America turn on him. The crime will stand in any court but to prove surely to a jury the person who is being extorted will have to stay with the facts and not let the other side say stupid and meaningless things about him. oh the reason they might say as an example is oh the reason I watch your daily life is because you have enemies that they like. So my response is objection because these people that you like are not what everyone likes. Or they might throw in I think your a bad person ,and I’d say Objection i have a person with wealth that will say I’m alright. The extortion has been seen because you didnt actually try to do anything to work out a respectful agreement. The president has extorted me by lying to the fans i have won the fans dont care about what artists you want but he took action against me to hurt me in the industry also i can feel the physical extortion the torture. Now im healthy but just not left alone and after you give a negative support of someone you dont make more problems. like trying to get my house reposessed or saying marijauna is legal because I can have under an ounce. The government has checks and balances so now if you read all of this give it a like so i can show this to a lawyer.


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