You have came to the right WordPress for a hack tune up.

Have you gotten taken by a little virus? well download wfd force delete this is the extractor (file deleter) you need in your tool kit for locked in viruses, files or folders. I always have the best tools out there the programming world has given me the knowledge of what to use for keeping the bad files from being uploaded and copied into your laptop. The hacker will try to make sure the bad files are working because a bad file could be kilt and not work. but , a hacker will copy a few files to the place it could. Look in your windows files for the files with a weird virus name or a long string of numbers. I know that some times a file will have a serial code on it but viruses have to have a number attached because this what the virus uses to work and if the virus is an expensive one it will just have a weird name the extractor does show anyone on your end of the moniter that you know what to get to extract like a certified programmer. Now arent you happy you read this because you can run scans and extract files now if you download some bad ones. Running scans will usually give you the file name then right click and get the file location so you can get to it and start manually cleaning your laptop, This is a tune up and a good one. The tune up for a regular person is a scan with a fixer program that will get out viruses but for a hacker its great to learn names of viruses and files that are supposed to be in your laptop.


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