I like to hustle and make bread.

We cant let poverty drive us to hurt ourselves so I make money by selling shit that i want now some merchants sell as a middle man or woman but I sell original music in an area and around places that listen . Sometimes a great place to sell items is on craigslist just search this name and enter your city and create an account then place a picture of the item and choose the type of label you want to sell that thing it works just 2 days ago my friend sold a lawnmower for 130 dollars and I have made some money too. This was a nice sale. A merchant can also use ebay do the same thing as craigslist and you will have a chance of making some money that way. but be careful because ebay has a nationwide buyer base and shipping off your item can be hard because something could go wrong. If you are a bad luck prone person I would suggest using craigslist because this uses no shipping but if you are a person that has a small budget and can take a hit everyonce in a while youll be okay because if a order doesn’t get received and the money has a problem you’ll have room to file complaints and with tracking numbers now a days the post office takes liability for your item. I like to keep business and hacking separate this is sometimes not the case for some of us. These dum hackers mess up the basic sell to try to get some free money or ship out fake stuff but dont because we want to have great critique when it comes to selling sites and criminals and convicts and drug users are not associated with us hackers We are squares we are naturally not thieves we dont like problems we follow technology like a police follows them also we want to reflect our greatness by showing the government that we can make it with computers as Americans and also we are smarter than other countries also.TY and keep up the legality I know that the internet has knobs and buttons to invent but business is the standard time to be legal.


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