Dont think that the government deosn’t know about my conspiracy and how the prison system is full with peoples relatives but they still pretend that this person is innocent,

There is a system of people that are seeking wealth even though they might have to commit crimes and when they are hit and handcuffed they go to jail. These people are usually drug dealers and now this crime has turned toward workers trying it. The truth is that we dont know why the system gets too make decisions sometimes and these decisions are to stop thefts and drug dealing but corporations use ponzy schemes to steal and while the government fights for offices . I think police are investigating too many hackers because they know that we have a machine that is majorly successful, The corporations and casinos and sports franchises are also using computers but they steal money and then hire there own security now is the foreign wars of today caused by a big percent of americans i dont think so I think other countries are dumping criminal action to the government. Then the government looks at people like me and says you went to jail but now im free so dont keep running a stoopid reason to stop me from suing you.


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