There is a problem with the court system because it has the secret lie skeleton.

Wow to the court docs they are trying to control freedom of life choice they are doing a wrong legality the supreme court judge is wrong and trying to get out of criminal pretense like dont let me go down for treason when they commit treason when they should not even by a state distance commit treason this is what they were taught to not do to be a judge i think so because if a baller is hindered before making it into the NBA eventually that baller will be in the NBA. It is a shame to find out a crooked judge didnt want that baller in the NBA so the baller was slowed down getting into the NBA . The baller went to college like most ballers do and was chosen by a team then the court did not enforce any action when the court seen that too many people had to hate. The baller then was drained of the money and support to get the start to become a player in the NBA and the court watched and didn’t do anything . Then the player was practicing still with the talent to play and the court said you cant because we say so but the player goes to a city and has the best dunk. then the court says deal with people that want to stop you from a different country and if the player gets mad then he can come into the court that sent the enemy the enemy is known to do this okay not have a business like record that hasnt ever done this , this means that the court wanted to take away this ballers NBA roster not be American court and say leave him alone so he does go into the NBA. this is not American court this is not what a GRAND JURY does so now the court will get all costs paid from some where else not the loser why does the baller try to file hisself first just to see how many crooks oppose that ballers complaint and where were the lawyers? they were listening to a misleading court so now its hard to get one its not their fault and the main point of the this is that the baller is fighting for his teamship or draft or signing where that baller has a sure career. This baller has contacted over 10 players before not just sat in a yard shooting by hisself this baller has played championship ball in highschool also this baller has a few people that have taught him allot about b ball the court is playing a conspiracy because they dont want to be there in that court house anymore the biggest mess up of this is not admitting the truth of hating on a baller too much……….


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