I have 4 facebooks LINUX!!!!

4 facebooks are enough facebooks for a hacker to start a small troll, the person that has over 4 facebooks must be a really big troll or spammer I dont need that many because when I want to give 4 likes that is enough for me because I used to settle for 2 likes. Try this make a new Facebook account and then add someone elses friends all of them.( over 50 ) then make anoth Facebook and connect with as many people as you can with a picture of war stuff and some of them will be scared. Instead of war stuff use some scary threats like “Hey are you trying to get killed” you ask them and the get scared. But is not really you anyway so it doesn’t matter if they get really mad. Then delete the hot facebook account and try it again this gets fun because sometimes stalking stars turns out good then again some people go to jail.


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