Conspiracy is treason now, and these charges will lead to judges being impeached because they cant understand how a destined man like myself Got in and out of trouble but was mentored by the same people that tell them how to run America and they have factual evidence of this.

bartknowsI was thinking of trying to hack into a network that was remote so I checkd a few things like will i get caught? or will I even break the network with the tools I can get? There was another thought Like i might need to disguise my internet service so its gonna cost and I didn’t have the doh doh , now I said 1 I dont want the fuzz to get a indictment on me for this shit, 2 my at+t is running fine, and buying some other service is not a free giveaway, 3 but this left me a third option and this was to get my plan to a host and let them help me.


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